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21st birthday gift






“Look Llamas” DIY pillow panel



My gorgeous sister turned 21…. a while ago.  I am late late late in producing these easy but super-cool cushions to go on her bed. To be honest, I bought the fabric AGES ago from Laurie Wisbrun’s etsy shop, Scarlet Fig, because I knew the moment i saw it that my sister would go crazy for it.  She is a llama fan from way back, and let’s face it, there’s nothing cuter than your favourite animal dressed in human clothes!

I wasn’t sure about the colour choice for the bobbly bits on the outside, so I just chose colours that I knew Ashleigh would love.  (Also what I could get my hands on at the time – there was only a very pale yellow and I had hoped for a delicious lemon yellow! Never mind).



Back of panel – Flapdoodle Hats



Oh! La Llama!



Peruvian Blankets

I really hope she likes them.  They were easy to whip up, but as usual I lost motivation to do the hand stitching.  I find hand stitching so dull and time-consuming, and I’m not very good at it!  Lucky I had Sons of Anarchy episodes to watch during the hand-stitch so time went quite quickly while meth labs were being blown up and bikies were threatening drug dealers.  Does anyone else watch this show?  I thought I would hate it but every time I watch it I can’t wait for the next episode!