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Three girls, three chooks, and a baby.


My mother told me yesterday that my daughter was lamenting the fact that she didn’t have one special talent.  Mum consoled her by saying that this was normal, that it was good to be capable of many things, rather than excellent at just one.  She also commented that “willingness to try new things” was a special talent that was certainly more significant than being a spectacular kazoo player. My daughter wholeheartedly agreed, noting that she is unusually game compared to her peers when it comes to exploring new foods.  Ah, she’s been taught well.

I, like my daughter, find myself to be competent at most things, excellent at none.  This could be a measure of my non-dedication to any activity.  I’m bored easily, lazy about details, and quickly get caught up in the next new thought.  So I guess, apart from my own talent for adventurous eating, I’m good at ideas.  Blogging is my latest idea.  Maybe it won’t last.  The beauty is, I can blog about all my ideas without having to actually fulfil any of them! 

So here we go.  I plan to write stories about my life with my funny old chooks; beautiful daughter Saphira; loyal and loving partner Mel; and the wriggling wondrous baby boy that’s growing in Mel’s tummy.  He’s 28 weeks baked, only 12 to go.  I’ll also write opinions on things that interest me; reviews of books, events, art and culture; and musings on the various hobbies and things I try out when the creativity bug bites. I’ll write my ideas.  They’re my special talent.